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Annual General Meeting 2024

Venue: Blackbox Theatre
Date: 7th August at 6:30 PM


You must be a STAG financial or life member to be able to vote or nominate yourself or another person to the committee.

If you would like to become a financial member please complete our membership form below. Return your completed form via email to info@stagtheatre.com and attach your payment remittance no later than Tuesday 6th of August 2024.

Should you be unable to attend the Annual General Meeting and still like your voice heard please fill out the Proxy Form below. This will allow a STAG member to vote on your behalf. All proxy forms must be delivered via email or mail no later than uesday 6th of August at 5:00 PM otherwise they will not be eligible.

Please See below for all Annual General Meeting Documents and forms.

Previous AGM Minutes

Treasures Reports (TBD)

Presidents Report (TBD)

AGM Agenda & Proxy Form

Nomination Form

Membership Form

Code of Conduct

Incorporated Rules