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Little Shop of Horrors

A florist shop, a strange plant, and a plan for world domination.

Tickets are now on sale for Shepparton Theatre Arts Group’s major musical for 2024: “Little Shop of Horrors” (live and re-potted).

Under the direction of Helen Janke, with Marc McIntyre as creative director and Tricia Baggs as musical director, this cult classic is given a new lease on life.

Welcoming newcomer, Anson Kearney as Seymour and Stevie Renee as Audrey, the cast also includes Dale Janke, Sophie Fimmel, Rebecka Clarke, Shannyn Catterall and Greg Wighton.

“This thing is going to be bigger than Hula hoops!”

Production Dates

Friday 6th September – 7:30pm
Saturday 7th September – 7:30pm
Sunday 8th September – 2:00pm

Friday 13th September – 7:30pm
Saturday 14th September – 7:30pm

Production Team

Director – Helen Janke
Creative Director – Marc McIntyre
Musical Director – Tricia Baggs
Production Manager – Kathy Skidmore
Promotions – Nicky Pummeroy
Properties Coordinator – Marc McIntyre
Set Design – Marc McIntyre
Costume Coordinator – Marc McIntyre
Makeup Coordinator – TBC
Stage Manager – Laura Varapodio
Set Design – Marc McIntyre
Choreographer – Grace Newman


Seymour – Anson Kearney
Audrey – Stevie Renee
Mr Mushnik – Dale Janke
Urchins – Shannyn Catterall, Rebecka Clarke, Sophie Fimmel
Orin Scivello – Greg Wighton
Voice of Audrey II – Tricia Baggs (Keys & Vocals), Matt Head (Drums & Vocals), Troy McKindley (Bass & Vocals), Jarrod Skurrie (Guitar & Vocals)
Ensemble – Ryan Black, Rachel Connell, Bernie Cook, Francisco Fabregas, Jamie Lea, Josh Mills, JC Scadden, Austin Telford
Ensemble and Plant Operators – Anna Carrafa, Sam Gierveld, Susan Parnell

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