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Show Information

10 September, 2009 - 12 September, 2009
8:00 pm
WestSide PAC



Director Fiona Kennan
Production Managers Jo Chambers
Leah Sanders
Stage Manager Amanda Harry
Wardrobe Bron Prater
Romola Hopman
Make Up Bron Prater



Dibs Hamilton Anne Bowen
Farley Hamilton Brian Gill
William Hamilton John Head
Julia Hamilton Deb Hall
Felix Hamilton Leigh Kuehnapfel
Nugget Hamilton Isaac Drandic
Girlie Delaney Joyce Baker-Dawber
Lyle Delaney Dale Janke
Maureen Delaney Deb Hay
Ashleigh Delaney Kate Hall
Brianna Delaney Sian Lewis
Norm Myrtle Andrew Morom
Young Girlie Hannah Magee
Young Dibs Kate Hall
Lucky Joe Delaney Andrew Morom
Lofty Blake Dean Gardiner

About Inheritance

A matinee was also performed at 11.30am on Friday 11 September.
In the Mallee country in rural Victoria, the Hamilton and Delaney families gather to celebrate twin sisters Dibs and Girlie’s eightieth birthday. But these have been heartbreak years in the bush and the cracks are beginning to show – between parents and their children and between siblings, between those who have been loyal to the land and those who have left it, between farmers and townies, between country folk and their city cousins. And in the background is always the question: Who gets the farm?