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Show Information

4 June, 2020 - 7 June, 2020
7:30 pm
WestSide PAC


Thursday 4 June 7.30pm
Friday 5 June 7.30pm
Saturday 6 June 2pm
Saturday 6 June 7.30pm
Sunday 7 June 2pm

What’s more fun than a comically flawless story about tragically flawed people? Nothing.

A clumsy brunette bombshell; an addled actress as the dotty housekeeper; an alcoholic septuagenarian in the role of a burglar. It was never going to be easy staging a bedroom farce with a mediocre cast, but pompous director Lloyd Dallas is having a crack.

You’ll cry with laughter and cringe with delight as you witness this company fray and fall apart. Onstage, it’s a whirl of slamming doors, missed cues, dropped lines and dropped trousers; backstage, it’s an even more confused and chaotic maelstrom of love triangles and trampled egos, and there’s no one without an axe to grind (or swing).



Dotty Otley Helen Janke
Lloyd Dallas Matt Dowling
Garry Lejeune Jayden Yosh
Frederick Fellowes Justin Dohrman
Belinda Blair Georgia Perkins
Brooke Ashton Dani Goudie
Selsdon Mowbray John Lewis
Poppy Norton-Taylor Chloe Judd
Tim Allgood Josh Shuttleworth


Director Aaron David Palmer
Assistant Director Gemma Marchant
Production Managers Tricia Deakin
Gemma Marchant
Stage Manager Tricia Deakin
Set Design Alli Nauert
Set Adaptation Nick Matthews
Aaron David Palmer
Set Build Coordinator Nick Matthews
Graphic Design & Program Aaron David Palmer
Photography Allyssa Geraghty