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Current Committee

President Wendy Platt
Vice President Gemma Marchant
Secretary Nicky Pummeroy
Treasurer Sean O’Brian
Tonina Romeo
Committee Laura Varapodio
John Head
Troy McKindley
Bron Prater
Ian Smith
Kathy Skidmore


Past Presidents

2021- Wendy Platt
2010-2021 Fiona Kennan
2007-2010 Jo Chambers
2004-2007 Aaron-David Palmer
2001-Jun 2003 John Harbord
2000-2001 Michael Molloy
1999-Jul 1999 Dave Rossiter
1996-1999 Michael Molloy
1995-1996 Ric Birkett
1992-1995 Rob Robson
1991-1992 Bill Muir
1990-1991 Paul Freeman
Joyce Baker-Dawber OAM
1988-1990 Jill Muir
1987-1988 Erna Werner (dec)
1985-1987 Rob Robson
1983-1985 Bill Muir
1981-1983 Patrick O’Connell
1979-1981 Pat Key (dec)
1977-1979 Helen Ferguson (dec)
1975-1977 Ken Kennedy (dec)

Life Members

Elaine Tonks (dec)
Helen Ferguson (dec)
Lance Woodhouse OAM (dec)
Geoff Cabble
Ken Kennedy (dec)
1987 Erna Werner (dec)
1987 Joyce Baker-Dawber OAM
1987 Pat Key (dec)
1987 Jill Gray (dec)
1991 Bill Muir
1993 Rob Robson
1993 Terrie Crozier
1993 Richard Hutchinson (dec)
1996 Laurie Hucker
1996 Nancy Kinmond
2003 Dale Roberts
2004 Carol Davidson
2007 Liz Zito
2015 Bron Prater
2015 Fiona Kennan
2018 Brian Davis
2018 Sharon Davis
2018 John Lancaster
2018 Nicky Pummeroy
2020 John Head
2020 Noella Kay
2022 Wendy Platt
2022 Troy McKindley


Rules and Regulations

Being an Incorporated body under the Incorporation of Societies Act, Shepparton Theatre Arts Group operates under the guidance of its Rules, and Statement Of Purposes. These documents spell out the formal procedure required to operate the company, with regards to membership and AGMs etc., and provide guidance for the current and future direction of the company.

STAG also has in place a very stringent Code Of Conduct document, which is actively enforced during rehearsals, performances and other official STAG functions. All potential members are required to read and sign this document prior to auditioning, and it forms part of our membership application.

These documents are both available to be downloaded via the links below.

>> Code of Conduct


DGR Status

STAG is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations within the Ministry of the Arts and endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient for tax purposes. A gift made to the ‘Shepparton Theatre Arts Group Incorporated Development Fund’ is tax deductible.