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Corona Star-19

Show Information

4 July, 2020 - 11 July, 2020
1:00 pm
Online Performance


The year is 3030.

The Galactic Starship, Corona Star-19 is ten months into an eleven month journey to a new colony on planet Trump-One, when they are intercepted by an escape pod with the last survivor of a viral outbreak on planet Clinton.

They save the survivor, only to find that their lives are now at risk.

Corona Star-19 is a Zoom comedy, drama, ‘whodunnit’ of galactic proportions.

This digital performance is completely free to the public, however if you would like to donate to Shepparton Theatre Arts Group, your support would be greatly appreciated.

STAG are aware these are uncertain times for everyone, and those working in the arts have been hit extremely hard.

We send our love to all artists both professional and community based.

Rated PG

Cast List
CDR Evelyn Fein :- Fiona Kennan
LT Mike Gamble :- Troy McKindley
CPL Tracey Coad :- Georgia Perkins
Dr Dan Brain :- Matt Dowling
SGT Doug Brown :- Josh Shuttleworth
SGT Carmen Cook :- Wendy Platt
LT Blake Screen :- Robbie Maher
PTE Sophie Green :- Laura Varapodio
CAPT Frank Dredd :- Dean Johnson
VADM Ophelia Gosling :- Yvette Knight

Production Crew
Director & Writer :- John Head
Producer :- Gemma Marchant
Props :- Nicky Pummeroy
Audio :- Wade Gregory
Video :- Matt Head and Ian Smith
Technical Consult :- Ian Smith
Graphics Design :- Aaron David Palmer
Costume Designer :- Sharron Geraghty
Photography :- Allyssa Geraghty